1. The Gift Community

    How to burn social media and make it better

  2. Why I'm Not Much of a Writer

    A review of Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

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    Enthused minimalism.

  4. Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly

    Unsatisfied with a single pattern.

  5. When "read your Bible and pray" fails

    A review of Heart is the Target by Murray Capill.

  6. What we talk about when we talk about Jesus

    A review of Evangelism by Mack Stiles.

  7. Choose Your Own Theology

    A review of What's your Worldview? by James N. Anderson.

  8. To-do list for the Kingdom

    A review of What's Best Next by Matt Perman.

  9. Why great literature makes for great sermons

    A review of Reading for Preaching by Cornelius Plantinga Jr.

  10. An uncommon view of love

    A review of A Loving Life by Paul E. Miller.

  11. Know This

    A review of A Little Manual for Knowing by Esther Lightcap Meek.

  12. Aotearoa

    A New Zealand travelogue.