Hi, I'm Guan

And it's nice to meet you!

I mean, not actually meet you. This is just a website.

So far.

I'm a speculative fiction writer—you might like to read my writing:

- Re: Your Stone in Diabolical Plots, April 2023

- Wok Hei St in Strange Horizons, Aug 2022

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  • Featured in Levar Burton Reads, Jan 2023
  • Review by Charles Payseur in Locus, Dec 2022: "It’s a romp of a story, energetic and fun, with some wonderful character work in Compass and a plot that comes together with style and pomp."

- Still Life—A Review in The Dread Machine, May 2022

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- Phoenix Tile in khōréō, April 2022

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Rider Reviews for FerrymanCharon in Translunar Travelers Lounge, Feb 2022

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Currently writing Chu and Sons Most Excellent Monster Hunting Concern: an urban fantasy novel about an intergenerational monster hunting family

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  • An excerpt won Highly Commended in the Next Chapter award from the Wheeler Centre

Or you might want to know more about me, for some reason. I mean, I do too, to be honest.

Here's my usual bio, more or less:

> Guan Un lives in Sydney, Australia, with his family and a dog named after a tiger. He has been published at Strange Horizons, khōréō, and featured on Levar Burton Reads. He is a dumpling connoisseur and a book omnivore, and writes a newsletter about sentences at buttondown.email/topicsentence. Occasionally at @thisisguan and guanun.com. (he/him)

I think that's still all true. Don't click that last link though. Or you'll end up back here. Unless that's what you want. I mean, it's not like you came on the internet to waste time, did you?

What else?

Oh, you might want to contact me and actually say hi, since this is just a website.